Insecticide is a 3D modeled Sci-fi/Action digital comic book created by Kalvin Goodlow, Jorge Gonzalez, and Sommer Bostick! It serves as the lead-in to an independently developed video game called Insecticide Extermination!

Insecticide is infused with the love of such classic video games as Star Fox, Metal Slug, Galaga, and Metroid! The comic mixes humor, action, and suspense for an experience that can be enjoyed by most every comic or video game fan ages 13 and up!

Insecticide Extermination is being developed by Kalvin and Jorge, with music provided by Alex Bates and Michael Williams. The game is a retro-style SHMUP wrapped in the new story and setting of the Insecticide comic. It offers a varied gameplay style, with each level taking place in a ground-based sidescrolling segment and a spaceship-based 3D shooting segment.

We need your support to make this project the best it can be! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. If you are looking for a new experience that embodies the things that made retro games great, support us by buying a copy of our digital comic HERE.

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